Friday, 30 November 2012

Use "shortcuts" to fix typos and paste in awkward text...

Some suggested shortcuts...
On the iPhone and iPad, there is a shortcut feature which means that instead of typing "See my website for details" I can type "smw" and it will expand to the full text.

Or instead of typing out a long complicated email address "", I can give it an abbreviation like "ghex".
Adding a shortcut
Go to the Settings App > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts. you'll see one already there "omw" for "On my way". To add a shortcut, press the [+] in the shortcuts window, type the phrase in full (or paste it in from elsewhere) and then enter the shortcut for it. Press Save.

The shortcut feature can be used to replace proper names that are also nouns or verbs e.g. when you type "peter" it can correct to "Peter" (you can always backspace over an incorrect usage of the word).

Monday, 9 July 2012

iPhone tip #2: read enlarged version of webpages

   When you see the 'Reader' icon in the menubar on iPhone or iPad, tap it to get a beautifully-formatted enlarged version of the webpage you are viewing, with no distracting adverts. Once viewing it in Reader mode, you have a lot of options including increasing or reducing the font size and sending the whole article by email.

iPhone tip #1: go straight to the top!

On the iPhone, where you are viewing a lot of data (say in Contacts) or at the end of a long webpage in Safari, tap the time display at the top of the screen to rapidly scroll right to the top of the page.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sweet addition for Apple Mail—MailTabs

Just added MailTabs to Apple Mail and it makes life much easier, adding tabs for opened and new emails instead of spawning new windows each time.

"MailTabs for is a unique plug-in that organizes all your open email messages under a simple tab arrangement just like the tabs in your browser."

It's "donationware" so do consider the work put in by the developer and give a donation...

In conjunction with WideMail you get a very flexible, easy to use mail application. WideMail gives a three-pane window, showing the mailboxes, message list and a preview of the selected message.